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People4Soil: sign the citizens' initiative to save the soils of Europe!

Soil is one of the most strategic resources of Europe, as it ensures food security, biodiversity conservation and climate change regulation. It's time to protect the soils of Europe.

Recognize soil as a shared heritage that needs EU level protection, as it provides essential benefits connected to human well-being and environmental resilience; develop a dedicated legally binding framework covering the main soil threats: erosion, sealing, organic matter decline, biodiversity loss and contamination; integrate soil related UN Sustainable Development Goals into EU policies; properly account and reduce greenhouse gases emissions from the farming and forestry sectors.

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Cosimo Damiano Di Simine, Marta Messa
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Bernward Paul Hermann Geier, Maria Isabel Alba Linhares Branco, Solène Demonet, Victoriano Gonzálvez Perez, Albertus Buizer
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